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Wood Type

MASTERWAL - This record rack is designed with LP record modules, providing a dedicated and stylish storage solution for your vinyl collection. This record rack combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, allowing you to enjoy and display your records in a visually pleasing way.

The LP record modules are specifically designed to accommodate vinyl records, ensuring that they are stored upright and safely. This design feature helps to preserve the condition of your records and allows for easy browsing and selection when you want to listen to your favorite albums.

In addition to the record storage, the rack offers enough space to store magazines upright. This versatile storage option allows you to keep your magazines organized and easily accessible. By utilizing the flap door, you can create a "show storage" area where you can display both records and magazines, adding a decorative touch to your interior while keeping your favorite items on prominent display.

Furthermore, the rack can double as a bookshelf, providing additional storage for your reading materials. This versatility allows you to adapt the rack to your specific needs and preferences, making it a multifunctional piece of furniture in your interior.



2 Rows

2 storey: W766 x D470 x H920mm

3 storey: W766 x D470 x H1340mm


3 Rows

2 storey: W1133 x D470 x H920mm

3 storey: W1133 x D470 x H1340mm


4 Rows

2 storey: W1500 x D470 x H920mm

3 storey: W1500 x D470 x H1340mm



Wood Type: 

Walnut / Red Oak / Black Cherry 


Country of Origin: 

Made in Japan

Designer :



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