About HOW Furniture Singapore

HOW is not just a question to building your home. It is the means by which HOW Furniture is your answer to understanding the simple joys in life by gaining clarity in its understated elegance – wabi-sabi. Birthed from the concept of being Japanese which has simplicity and minimalism running at its core, furniture pieces depicting a scene as such have been selected to help our clients appreciate and bask in the simplicity of life – the peaceful inside despite the hectic outside.

Close your eyes. Picture yourself after a long, arduous day at work filled with projects you have been unable to complete. You feel a weight on your shoulders as you grudgingly drag your feet home, unenthusiastic about heading back to work the next day. Imagine reaching your doorstep, kicking your shoes off and sinking into the warm, cosied atmosphere that you have created. You feel the weight lift as you take a deep breath and relax into the place you call home. 

A home is a sanctuary; a place you feel safe and it is where you celebrate your ups and downs. We believe that your home is a part of you – a chapter in your story. To help piece together your story, we have curated a very exclusive and top-notch range of furniture both sourced and made in Japan with its very own charm and narration catered to your level of comfort and happiness in your place of refuge.

The Japanese are known for taking their craft very seriously – the intricacy of the process from beginning to end is dealt with careful and unwavering hands to guarantee the precision of each corner, angle and overarching piece of furniture. From design to manufacturing to polish, you will see nothing but perfection in the details, showing the refinement of craftmanship. With wood as the fundamental material, you can be assured that our handcrafted furniture will withstand the test of time ageing both gracefully and beautifully. It also remains unique to itself, a one-of-a-kind genre unparalleled in the home furnishing domain that cannot be replicated.

Browse what we have to offer and envision our furniture as part of your household. You would be surprised at how a home can be built without the complexity of furniture. It is about being able to gather in a space with friends and family and revel in each other’s company – we promise to give you that. By being picked to be a part of your home, our furniture will meander along its journey in life with you and your loved ones, providing you a complete home in the most natural way.