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Wood Type

MASTERWAL - The Mask Shelf is designed to provide both attractive and hidden storage options. It features a sliding door that can be positioned to cover or reveal the contents of the shelf, allowing you to customize its functionality.

When you move the front and rear doors to one side, the shelf can be used as hidden storage, concealing items that you prefer not to be visible. On the other hand, by placing the doors in a staggered manner, you can create an attractive display, highlighting the outline and color of the items stored on the shelf.

Apart from its storage capabilities, the Mask Shelf can also serve as a partition in a space. When used in this way, it can act as a blindfold, preventing a person on one side of the shelf from seeing what's on the other side, providing privacy and separation.

It's worth noting that the bottom line of the door is positioned at H72cm from the floor. If you plan to place a desk next to the shelf, selecting a desk with a height of H72cm would create a sense of unity between the two pieces of furniture.

The main unit of the Mask Shelf is available in two versions: with or without shelves. Additionally, you have the option to purchase additional shelves separately, allowing you to customize the shelf according to your storage needs and preferences.



High Shelf : W1800 x D400 x H1800mm

Low Shelf : W1800 x D400 x H1164mm 

Wood Type: 

Walnut / Red Oak / Black Cherry 


Country of Origin: 

Made in Japan

Designer :



This product is made to order. The production lead time by the manufacturer is around 45-60 days upon order confirmation (exclude shipping lead time). The general shipping lead time from Japan to Singapore is around 30 days after production.

Lead times are production estimates and to be used for reference only and are subject to change without prior notice.