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Wood Type

MASTERWAL - The interior you're describing features a professional DJ booth that has been specifically planned and designed by a DJ, ensuring optimal functionality and usability for music enthusiasts. This DJ booth offers a range of features that enhance the overall audio experience.

The booth includes four outlets built into the shelf, allowing for smooth and convenient wiring. This makes it easy to connect and power various audio equipment, such as mixers, turntables, and speakers. The seamless wiring setup ensures a clean and organized appearance while providing easy access to power sources.

In addition to its DJ-specific functions, this booth also serves as an audio rack with ample storage space. It allows you to store and organize your audio equipment, accessories, and records, creating a cohesive and efficient setup. The large storage capacity ensures that you have everything you need at your fingertips, promoting a smooth and enjoyable DJing experience.

Beyond its practical features, the DJ booth can be customized to reflect your personal style. You have the freedom to display magazines and records on the front of the lower rack, adding a touch of visual interest to the booth. This allows you to create a dynamic and personalized aesthetic while keeping your favorite items within reach.

Whether you're a professional DJ or an avid music enthusiast, this specially designed DJ booth offers a combination of usability and play functions that are tailored to enhance your sound experience. It provides a dedicated space to enjoy your music in a free and creative style, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of sound with convenience and style.



2 Rows

D470: W1010 x D470 x H920mm

D530: W1010 x D530 x H920mm


3 Rows

D470 : W1500 x D470 x H920mm

D530 : W1500 x D530 x H920mm


Wood Type: 

Walnut / Red Oak / Black Cherry 


Country of Origin: 

Made in Japan

Designer :



This product is made to order. The production lead time by the manufacturer is around 45-60 days upon order confirmation (exclude shipping lead time). The general shipping lead time from Japan to Singapore is around 30 days after production.

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