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THE WHISKY OAK SERIES - remake the whisky oak barrels used in brewing domestic whisky as the source material for this furniture series. Based on the design concept of sustainable development, the life of wood can be continued.

Furniture regenerated from whisky oak barrels that have been immersed in whisky for more than 20 years. During the production process, craftsman will preserve the traces of nail marks and texture on the surface as a sign that it was used as a wine barrel material. The passage of time engraved the unique style, pattern and scent onto the source material. Such individuality makes each furniture piece exclusively special for its owner.


Whisky Oak Dining Table Set includes: 

(a) 1 Whisky Oak Dining Table

(b) 2 Whisky Oak Chairs 

(c) 1 Whisky Oak Dining Bench 



(a) Whisky Oak Dining Table:

W1600 x D850 x H710mm


(b) Whisky Oak Chair:

W460 x D510 x H800mm, SH430mm


(c) Whisky Oak Dining Bench:

W1200 x D300 x H430mm


Wood Type:

Whisky Oak


Country of Origin: 

Made in Japan


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