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Color - Black

MOTON DESIGN - SUITAGAMA is a brand born in Osaka in the city of Suita and brought to the shores of Singapore. It focuses mainly on pottery and its tableware is similar to its other products; plain but a genre of its own - sophisticated minimalism. The tableware has been handcrafted to exhibit not only the texture of black clay; the speciality of each piece can never be replicated elsewhere either. After constant usage, you will come to value and treasure its incomparable quality and charm.

A large bowl that is easy to use. Can be used in a variety of situations, such as potato salad and soup. Features a rough texture and a contrast between the inner luster. The hand-made product gives a gentle impression, but there is also a slight sense of tension. The more you use it, the more it will become more flavorful.



SG 01 Size S : W105 × H70mm

SG 01 Size L : W155 × H50mm





Country of Origin : 

Made in Japan


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