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MOTON DESIGN - SUITAGAMA is a brand born in Osaka in the city of Suita and brought to the shores of Singapore. It focuses mainly on pottery and its tableware is similar to its other products; plain but a genre of its own - sophisticated minimalism. The tableware has been handcrafted to exhibit not only the texture of black clay; the speciality of each piece can never be replicated elsewhere either. After constant usage, you will come to value and treasure its incomparable quality and charm.

Designers and craftsmen from MOTON, the company that runs SOF, created SUITAGAMA bowls. They are all hand-crafted by craftsmen on the potter's wheel, and each one has a different expression. The natural soil and hand-crafting give it a gentle impression, but it also has a slight sense of tension. The inside is smooth and the outside is sharp. The design shows the difference between the outside and the inside. It can be used not only as a rice bowl but also as a main dish.



SG04 Size S :  W130 × H50mm

SG04 Size L :  W190 × H60mm





Country of Origin : 

Made in Japan 


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