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TAKUMI TOKYO offers three types of incense, "ASAGIRI", "SHIMABANA" and "FUYUGASUMI", they are blended with fragrances from all over the world and carefully produced by TOKYO KODO in the forest of Minakami Town in Gunma Prefecture. 

The incense stick stand (Rin) is about 1/3 the size of an incense burner making it easy to carry. Rin consists of three parts: a brass lid, a shaft for setting incense and an ash receptacle. The lower part of the box that can store three types of incense. The smart size makes it ideal for carrying around. Enjoy the scent wherever you like .

The incense stand set comes with a dedicated holder designed with just the right size to display 3 types of incense.

Three types of incense are:


Made with only 10 natural ingredients including eucalyptus, cedar-wood, and patchouli. This aroma is like being in the forest at dawn. Forget the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the moment.


Bergamot, lemon, violet leaves, and 17 other ingredients are blended to express the fragrance of flowers. Imagine living on a tropical island.


Magnolia leaves, ginger, cedar-wood, and 9 other ingredients are blended and scented. Imagine walking on a cobblestone street in the city on a dry hazy winter day. This has a musky aroma.


Incense Stand Set A includes:

- ASAGIRI (30 pieces)

- SHIMABANA (30 pieces)

- FUYUGASUMI (30 pieces)

- Incense stick stand (Rin)

- Incense holder

Each incense is 14cm long, burning time is around 25 minutes.


Rin Dimension: 

W18 x D6 x H4cm

Incense Stand & Holder Material: 



Country of Origin : 

Made in Japan