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Sofa Legs

FLANNEL SOFA - Introducing the "BRICK Sofa" - a stylish and functional addition to your living room. This sofa is designed to provide a spacious and modern look, combining style with practicality.

With its low overall design, the "BRICK Sofa" offers a solid feel and a contemporary aesthetic. Its flat and simple structure creates a rich presence without overwhelming the room, resulting in a sense of openness and spaciousness.

The timeless design of the "BRICK Sofa" is characterized by straight lines, adding a sharpness that makes it the focal point of your room. Its sleek and refined appearance brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space, ensuring that it remains a cherished piece for years to come.

Comfort is not compromised with the "BRICK Sofa." It features a wide and comfortable seat, accompanied by a low back and armrests that can double as pillows or side tables. The armrests can be customised with a wooden elbow, providing a convenient surface for your drinks, snacks, or books. This smart feature adds both functionality and style to your living space.

Personalisation options are abundant with the "BRICK Sofa." You can customise it with different fabric, leather, wood, and leg choices, allowing you to tailor it to your preferred style and match it with your existing decor. Additionally, the sofa comes in various sizes and shapes, including one-seater, two-seater, three-seater, four-seater, couch, and stool options. This versatility gives you the freedom to select the perfect configuration for your space and individual preferences.

Elevate your living room with the sleek and functional "BRICK Sofa" - a statement piece that combines modern style, comfort, and customisation options to enhance your overall living experience.


Stool: W550 x D550 x H340mm, SH340mm 

Stool-Large: W750 x D550 x H340mm, SH340mm 


Stool Legs:

Oak / Walnut 



Group 1 - 5 Fabric / Vegan Leather 1 & 2 / Calf Leather 1 & 2

Optional Add-ons:

(1) Stool Height: Change from 70mm to 100mm +S$110 (set of 4 pcs) [Note: Seat Height will change from 340mm to 370mm]

Country of Origin: 

Made in Japan 

This product is made to order. The production lead time by the manufacturer is around 45-60 days upon order confirmation (exclude shipping lead time). The general shipping lead time from Japan to Singapore is around 30 days after production.

Lead times are production estimates and to be used for reference only and are subject to change without prior notice.