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Wood Type

BENCA - The MIMOSA TV Board is a part of the MIMOSA storage series, designed to provide a smart and stylish solution for your living room, particularly around the TV area where people tend to gather.

Crafted with gently beveled solid wood for the main body and lightweight legs, this TV board offers a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. It provides a sturdy and reliable support for your TV while adding a touch of elegance to your living space. The combination of good ventilation and the natural charm of solid wood creates a richer and more inviting environment.

The MIMOSA TV Board features spacious left and right drawers, offering ample storage space for organizing the small items that tend to accumulate in the living room. This allows you to keep your space tidy and clutter-free, while still having easy access to the items you need.

The center door of the TV board is designed with a slow-down mechanism, allowing it to open and close smoothly and gently. This feature ensures convenience and safety, preventing any sudden movements that could disrupt your living room atmosphere.

*The infrared remote control cannot be used when the door is closed.



W1500: W1500 x D400 x H430mm

W1800: W1800 x D400 x H430mm

Wood Type: 

Oak / Walnut / Black Cherry


Country of Origin : 

Made in Japan 

This product is made to order. The production lead time by the manufacturer is around 45-60 days upon order confirmation (exclude shipping lead time). The general shipping lead time from Japan to Singapore is around 30 days after production.

Lead times are production estimates and to be used for reference only and are subject to change without prior notice.