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'Fish Fish' means a New Year with the fragrance of Igusa Grass and is a Shimenawa decoration. By hanging tightly tied ropes at the entrance, it is said to protect the household from negative influences and serve as a charm against evil. This design incorporates the unique fish motif from the local city of Yaizu, known for its abundant fishery, and features traditional Japanese elements such as tatami fabric, red and white borders, and Mizuhiki cords, creating a calm and serene design. We hope you can welcome the new year with the refreshing fragrance of Igusa grass. Fish Fish was carefully crafted using Igusa grass meticulously grown by farmers in Kumamoto Prefecture.

Shimenawa decorations are traditionally displayed in homes as preparations to welcome the New Year. They are predominantly made of rice straw and each region has its own distinctive style that reflects its local culture. The Fish Fish uses "Igusa," which grows in the same rice fields as the rice itself, to create Shimenawa, allowing you to enjoy the fresh scent of new tatami while welcoming the new year.

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W280 x D300 mm


Country of Origin : 

Made in Japan